about the artist


I am a scientist, artist, mom, and wife living in central Washington State just steps from the beautiful Columbia River. Originally from the Gulf Coast, my love of water and nature is reflected in my designs.

Jane Holly began in 2016 when I purchased a small kiln after a ten year hiatus from ceramics. The size limitation was a blessing in disguise as it pushed me to think about smaller designs and focus on the tiny details for which Jane Holly is now known. Porcelain and stone come together in my handmade jewelry and decor inspired by the beauty of nature. The kilns have gotten bigger over the years but my focus remains on the tiny details. 

The signature atomic logo of Jane Holly is a nod to the rich scientific history of the Tri Cities, WA region. It is only fitting that my home studio is located in one of the "Alphabet Houses" built during the Manhattan Project to house scientists and engineers.

If you can dream it, I can probably make it! Please contact me for more information on custom projects.

Thank you for visiting my site!